Fried Blue fish Recipes

September 20, 2022
How to Make Bluefish taste

Pan Fried Bluefish Recipe
Follow our step-by-step, photo illustrated instructions for this Pan Fried Bluefish Recipe. These saltwater fish are absolutely delicious and easy to pan fry in your cast iron skillet. Just add a simple breading, pan fry and enjoy.

Pan Fried Bluefish Recipe:

To the best of my knowledge, I enjoyed Pan Fried Bluefish for the very FIRST time… just a few days ago.Pan Fried Bluefish Recipe My niece had invited her dad (my brother) and I for supper a couple of nights ago and fried up a big old pan of Bluefish that her husband had recently caught. I was totally surprised at how great these fish were and wondered why in the world I had never had them before.

That night, we dined on Bluefish, homemade coleslaw and super thin cornbread cakes. Talk about some good eating….I loved it. The interesting part though is that my niece doesn’t like fish or any type of seafood. Wait, it gets better. Just a few years ago, she owned and operated a restaurant that served BBQ, Chicken AND Seafood. Go figure.Bluefish Recipe, Southport area She just doesn’t like the taste of it but she sure did know how to cook it.

You can skip on down a bit for the step-by-step instructions and the printable recipe but, I’d like to share just a few photos about a recent trip that my brother and I made together. I’ll try to be brief but if you know me at all, that usually doesn’t happen. Anyway….

About a week ago, my brother and I visited the Southport, North Carolina area. It’s a long story but we left home on Friday with 2 Carolina Cooker Pig Cookers on a large trailer headed for delivery to the Marine Corp Air Station at Cherry Point. My brother sells the pig cookers and was delivering 2 more of them to a customer at Cherry Point. My brother had told me to pack for an overnight stay because once we delivered the pig cookers, we would head on down to the coast and try a little fishing. “If they are biting good enough, ” he said, “we’ll stay overnight and head back home on Saturday.”

Bluefish Recipe, t-shirt Bluefish Recipe, my brothers boat. Bluefish Recipe, fishermen Bluefish Recipe, ingredients.

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