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August 19, 2022
How to Bake Mackerel

IMG_1424The CrossFit Open has officially come to a close. The last workout made me extremely sore. My triceps and quads are dead. Which is wonderful since we did front squats yesterday. Lovely. Anywho, I finished 312th out of 3, 301 women in the Southwest Region. I did my best and tried my hardest for not competing nor caring anymore. Which was way more fun and way less pressure. Especially since there was a can of champagne waiting for me after almost every workout. So I’m honestly happy I did the CF Open. I learned that I definitely don’t want to compete anymore, but that I love hanging out with the people from my gym and cheering them on. And a little in house competition never hurt anymore.

So let’s reviews some of the workouts and how I finished overall with those. Because I know you totally care.

photo1-8Snatches and double unders, both I love. I got 307 reps which landed me 265th in the region.

Overhead squats and chest to bar pull ups. Whenever chest to bar pull ups are in a workout in our gym, I just do regular pull ups instead. I just want to go fast during the workout, I don’t really care about improving my pull ups. So this worked landed me 172nd in the region, which is super strange to me since I HATE those pull ups and was doing 2 at a time.

Deadlifts and box jumps. Did pretty terrible at this workout. Deadlifts are by far my worst lift, so that weight got heavy reaaaal fast. I finished 1, 345 in the region with that workout. Jeez Louise.

CF OPEN Workout 14.4 – The chipper workout. I absolutely loved this workout. Before it started, my goal was to at least get to the muscle ups in hopes of getting just one. Well, thankfully I got 5!! And they were the easiest muscle ups I’ve ever done. I’m pretty sure they’re easier now that I’m 15 pounds lighter than when I was competing. Anywho, I finished 75th in the region with that workout.

The worst workout of them all. Thrusters and burpees over the bar. This workout hurt the entire time. I could barely jump my feet at the end. But I was happy enough how I finished while hating life. I finished 257th in the region.

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