Smoked Fish Chowder – Recipes

October 14, 2022
Smoked Haddock & Stilton

Smoked Fish Chowder - The ultimate comfort food! Smoked Fish Chowder with pancetta, leeks, beans and creamed corn. Amazing!After a very mild Fall here in New England – with above-average temps well into December – I think the cold weather is finally here to stay! But we’ve got the perfect recipe to warm things up – this amazing Smoked Fish Chowder!

My husband Jack and I love to make and eat chowders. They’re rich and creamy and chock full of all sorts of delicious ingredients – our idea of the perfect meal in a bowl! And in today’s Smoked Fish Chowder recipe – the most delicious ingredients include some fantastic smoked fish from Morey’s Fine Fish and Seafood!

Smoked Fish Chowder - A Family FeastSeafood lovers that we are – Jack and I were so thrilled when Morey’s asked us to sample and develop a recipe using their products, including the Smoked White Fish and their Wild Keta Smoked Salmon Sampler.

I have to say, Morey’s is some of the best smoked seafood we’ve had! There’s nothing worse than seafood that has been over-smoked – but Morey’s has been in business for six decades so they’ve really perfected the process! And all of their smoked seafood is hot-smoked using 100% hickory smoked which seals in wonderful natural flavor.

Morey’s Smoked White Fish is the star ingredient in today’s Smoked Fish Chowder recipe. It is hot-smoked with 100% hickory smoke and has a white, moist flesh that is slightly firm. The delicious mild, smoked flavor of the fish is perfect in our chowder, and it is complemented by some pancetta, leeks, potatoes, creamed corn, and cannellini beans!

Smoked Fish Chowder - The ultimate comfort food! Smoked Fish Chowder with pancetta, leeks, beans and creamed corn. Amazing!We topped our Smoked Fish Chowder with slices from Morey’s Wild Keta Smoked Salmon Sampler (an optional garnish – but very highly recommended!). The Smoked Salmon Sampler pack is also hot smoked in Morey’s signature style with a special blend of hardwoods and seasoned with four popular blends: Classic, Cajun, Peppered, and Tomato Basil.

Morey’s Fine Fish and Seafood is sold throughout the United States at many food and grocery retailers. For more information, visit them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

Smoked Fish Chowder

Serves: 8 servings

Prep time:

Cook time:

Total time:

Note: Prepare the white fish by removing and discarding skin and head. Since the fish has been smoked, the skin slides right off. Next turn the fish belly side up and press down to lay each filet flat. Grab the back bone and gently lift up. The bones on both sides should pull right up and off. If not, gently remove them trying to keep the fish as intact as possible. For the salmon, slice an eight ounce skinned filet into 24 slices so each chowder portion gets three slices, or one ounce. A little more or less will not matter.

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