List of salt fish Recipes

August 15, 2022

Saltfish, ready to serve!By:

There are some local dishes (some from Anguilla and some from the wider Caribbean region) that once visitors experience them, they are hooked.

Saltfish, a salted and dried fish, is a common local Anguillian dish that may be less commonly found "at home." For those who like fish and flavor, and who are adventurous enough to try it, they are likely to become a lifelong fan of saltfish.

This dish can be found around Anguilla, served in a variety of ways.

Here is how you can prepare your very own saltfish when you're on-island or at home...

As with most things that require a bit of a process, time and patience, they yield more rewarding outcomes. This is true of saltfish.

My friend, who was raised on saltfish and has made it his whole life, was my teacher shortly after I moved to Anguilla. I've taken his basics and tailored his version to my taste to create a recipe which has been praised by those who've had it.

Locating the Ingredients in Anguilla

I've been told that the best saltfish is made from saltfish purchased from the market with bones. I've never made my saltfish with boneless saltfish and so I can't report on any difference, or if boneless is better than with bones.

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